A comprehensive analysis of the hot majors for studying in Hongkong in 2018

Are Hong Kong students ready for 2018! So the choice of major is very important. What are the hot majors that Hong Kong students may apply for in 2018? Let’s take a look at it with the small edition of the study abroad website. Welcome to read. Analysis of popular majors studying in Hong Kong in 2018 Popular major of studying abroad in Hong Kong: electronic information Electronic information industry is a new high-tech industry, known as sunrise industry. according to the analysis of the Ministry of information industry, “the…

Are Hong Kong students ready for 2018! So the choice of major is very important. What are the hot majors that Hong Kong students may apply for in 2018? Let’s take a look at it with the small edition of the study abroad website. Welcome to read.

Analysis of popular majors studying in Hong Kong in 2018

Popular major of studying abroad in Hong Kong: electronic information

Electronic information industry is a new high-tech industry, known as sunrise industry.

according to the analysis of the Ministry of information industry, “the Tenth Five Year Plan” period is the key period for the development of electronic information industry in China. It is expected that the electronic information industry will still develop at a speed about twice faster than the economic growth rate, and the industry prospect is very broad.

The future development will focus on the manufacturing of electronic information products, software industry, integrated circuit and other industries, and the emerging communication businesses such as data communication, multimedia, Internet, telephone information service, SMS and other businesses will also expand rapidly; There are also cultural and technological industries worthy of attention, such as online games.

at present, there are four kinds of talents in the demand for it support talents, namely, technical troubleshooting, equipment and customer service, hardware and software installation, configuration update, system operation, monitoring and maintenance, which are in the most short supply.

In addition, e-commerce and interactive media, database development and software engineering are also in great demand

Related majors: Electronic Information Engineering, communication engineering, information countermeasure technology, information engineering, information and computing science, etc.

Popular major for studying in Hong Kong: Biotechnology

The 21st century is a biological century, and the development of biotechnology economy is an inevitable trend.

currently, biotechnology enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan in China have developed vigorously, and biotechnology has been regarded as a breakthrough in economic development in various regions.

However, the development of biotechnology needs new talents with independent working ability and good scientific quality, especially creative ability and implementation ability.

biological research talents have been one of the focuses of international talent competition in recent years At present, there are serious problems in both the researchers of biotechnology and the talents of biotechnology product development in China. In the future, there will be a great demand for Biotechnology talents in China. Experts of

predict that with the development and industrial upgrading of gene technology, bioengineering and other fields, the gap of this kind of high-tech talents will become larger and larger

Related majors: biotechnology, bioengineering, biological resource science, etc.

Popular major for studying in Hong Kong: Modern Medicine

The global modern pharmaceutical technology industry continues to grow at a high speed, and the modern biotechnology industry has become the new international competition focus of the pharmaceutical industry. Experts in

point out that in the face of increasingly direct and fierce international market competition, it is imperative for China to develop the modern Chinese medicine and biomedical technology industry.

In particular, the modern Chinese medicine industry is not only developing rapidly in the world, but also one of the fast-growing industries in China. At present, it has become a potential strategic industry with strong development advantages and broad market prospects in China. The Ministry of science and technology of

has listed “innovative drugs and modernization of Chinese medicine” as one of the 12 major national science and technology projects during the “Tenth Five Year Plan”.

Related majors: pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical engineering, biomedical engineering, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Popular major for studying in Hong Kong: Automobile

With the automobile gradually becoming a necessity in our life, the automobile specialty has become a very popular specialty in the society Automobile professionals have become the hot “hot goods”, and the compound talents in the automobile industry will become the focus of competition, such as automobile design talents who are proficient in foreign languages, marketing talents with automobile technology background, it professionals with automobile sales background, and financial talents such as automobile credit and insurance will continue to be popular this year In addition, the demand for thermal energy and power engineering, industrial design and other professionals will continue to rise

Related majors: Vehicle Engineering, automobile service engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, industrial design, etc

Popular major of studying abroad in Hong Kong: Logistics

After China’s accession to the WTO, with the further opening of the market in terms of road freight transportation, storage, sea transportation and shipping agency, China’s relevant industries and enterprises will carry out comprehensive cooperation with foreign logistics enterprises, which means that China’s modern logistics will enter a new era of rapid growth and comprehensive development It is estimated that in the next 10 years or even longer, China’s logistics industry will approach or catch up with the logistics development level of developed countries.

at present, more than 6 million middle and senior logistics professionals need to study in China, and logistics professionals have been listed as one of the 12 categories of talents in short supply in China.

By 2010, the demand for logistics talents above junior college level is about 300000-400000. At present, the annual training scale of Logistics Majors in various colleges and universities is about 5000. Logistics planning and consulting, logistics export-oriented international and logistics scientific research are the three kinds of talents most lacking in the industry.

Related majors: logistics management, modern logistics, etc.

Hot majors studying in Hong Kong: new materials

The application range of new materials is very wide, and its development prospect is very broad. Its R D level and industrialization scale have become an important symbol to measure a country’s economic development, scientific and technological progress and national defense strength Since the beginning of the tenth five year plan, the orientation of national industrial policy has been inclined to the high-tech industry represented by new material industry, which will undoubtedly play an important role in promoting the development of new material industry At the same time, the demand of new materials for the development of domestic pillar industries and high-tech industries continues to expand, and the rapid development of machinery manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, automobile industry, construction industry and other pillar industries puts forward higher requirements for raw materials in terms of quality, performance and quantity; The demand for new materials will increase with the development of high-tech industry, especially electronic information materials, biomedical materials and other new materials. The demand for new energy materials, ecological environment materials, aerospace materials and other new materials will increase rapidly with the development of social economy; The demand for composite materials will increase greatly, especially for resin based composite materials.

Hot majors studying in Hong Kong: environmental energy

The environmental protection industry is known as the sunrise industry in the 21st century, which has great potential for development. With the substantial increase of environmental protection investment, the environmental protection industry in China develops rapidly and becomes an important part of the national economy. The rapid development and significant benefit of the environmental protection industry of

is undoubtedly the result of the research and development of environmental protection technicians But at present, China’s environmental protection industry is facing a serious shortage of talents, and the existing environmental protection technical talents are difficult to adapt to the development of the national economy.

if the environmental protection technical personnel is calculated by 5% of the environmental protection practitioners, it will need 500000 people.

and the existing environmental protection technical personnel in China are far from the actual needs, so the task of cultivating environmental protection technical talents is very arduous.

At the same time, the development and utilization of renewable energy has become an important part of the world energy sustainable development strategy. The government’s policy support, social recognition and China’s rich renewable resources make the development prospect of China’s new energy industry very broad

Related majors: Environmental Science, environmental engineering, energy and environmental system engineering, resources, environment and science, etc

Popular major of studying abroad in Hong Kong: Management

Since China’s accession to the WTO and the success of its bid for the Olympic Games will directly promote the development of foreign trade and economic cooperation, it is expected that the social demand for management professionals will increase dramatically.

in modern enterprises, an outstanding entrepreneur has played more than 100 excellent engineers and 1000 excellent workers.

At present, more and more enterprises are changing their property rights, mechanisms and legal persons to implement the bidding system and annual salary system. In fact, they are handing over the management power of enterprises to professional entrepreneurs.

. According to the statistics of nearly three years in China, foreign agents are increasing at a rate of more than 500% every year. At present, a professional class has been formed in many big cities The value of top management is growing in both foreign and state-owned enterprises

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