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Art students studying in the United States is one of the hot spots for studying abroad. In view of the strong artistic atmosphere in the United States, it has always been a place for art students to study abroad. Let’s take a look at the art colleges and art major settings in New York with the help of the study abroad website! First of all, look at the famous art schools in New York Tisch School of the Arts Tisch School of the arts of New York University is one…

Art students studying in the United States is one of the hot spots for studying abroad. In view of the strong artistic atmosphere in the United States, it has always been a place for art students to study abroad. Let’s take a look at the art colleges and art major settings in New York with the help of the study abroad website!

First of all, look at the famous art schools in New York

Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the arts of New York University is one of the best art schools in the United States, and the academy has cultivated the most Oscar winners among the major universities and film institutions in the United States The Film Academy of its Academy of Arts has cultivated many outstanding film talents including Spike Lee, Oliver Stone and Ang Lee, and is considered as the best film academy in the United States together with the film and drama schools of the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

There are countless Hollywood star directors and actors graduated from here: Martin Scorsese, Joel Cohen, Woody Allen, Adam Sandler, Angelina Jolie, Chris Evans, Tom Ford, Christine bell, etc

School of visual arts, New York

The New York Institute of visual arts is a recognized leader and innovator in the field of international art education. It is recognized as the highest peak of “American design and art”.

school brings together internationally renowned artists and professionals in various fields, and has a strong faculty SVA’s superior geographical location provides students with a better artistic creation platform and space for self-improvement, and provides a good learning environment for students

SVA’s illustration, cartoon, computer art and so on have been recognized by the American public as the No. 1 professional in the United States Since the founding of the school, the school has gathered a large number of masters, including Milton kreyzer, the father of world animation, Wilson, fashion photographer Carlos quille, American illustrator Robert weaver, American illustrator Marshall eisman, graphic design master Steven Heller, English font design pioneer edbank, Apple Store chief designer ronaville, etc

Fashion Institute of technology, State University of New York

New York Institute of fashion is an internationally famous fashion and Art Design Institute. It was founded in 1944 and located in Manhattan district, New York City. In 1970, fit was officially authorized to issue Bachelor of Arts and master’s degree certificates. After decades of growth, fit has 11000 formal students, covering more than 30 different fields Professional content is close to the pulse of fashion, such as fashion design, advertising design, computer animation and interactive media, fabric design, interior design, fashion photography, fashion product management, etc

The Art Institute of New York City

The New York Academy of art was founded in 1980 and was formerly the New York Catering School. In 1996, the school joined the art academy system, updated its professional settings, and began to provide design, fashion and media arts. In 2001, the college was changed to its current name,

The school occupies 45000 square feet of construction facilities in New York City, providing students with enough space for study and practice

The New York Academy of Arts has been certified by the independent institute Accreditation Board to award associate degree programs.

the New York Institute of arts provides quality education and training and a good learning environment to help students find their passion and tap their potential, so as to prepare for their future creative career The New York Academy of art offers major programs in graphic design, website design and interactive media, as well as fashion design

Let’s look at the setting of the art major

Commercial and advertising art

Learn how to use students’ artistic talents to make advertisements and connect art and business through other sales tools.

main courses include advertising layout, business illustration, design and color, desktop publishing, drawing, graphic design, introduction to commercial art, multimedia design, photography, letterpress printing

Employment: advertising, marketing and public relations manager, art director, graphic designer, illustration, multimedia artist, photographer, web designer

Design and visual communications

Study from interior art design to illustration and more extensive practical art.

main courses are art history, drawing, illustration, design history, graphic design, information design, letterpress printing, visual communication, web design

Employment: Art Director, primary and secondary school teachers, graphic designer, illustration, multimedia artist, animator, photographer, web designer

Fashion design

To study the design and manufacture of clothing and its accessories, from sketch and computer design to mold making and fabric selection.

garment processing art, color and design theory, computer aided fashion design, fashion sketch, clothing history, textile fiber and fabric.

Employment: buyers and purchasers, craft artists, fashion designers, industrial designers, interior designers, theatre, film and television technicians

Graphic design

Learn graphic design and computer skills for books, magazines, CDs, websites, etc

Employment: advertising, marketing and public relations manager, art director, graphic designer, illustration, photographer, web designer

Industrial Design

Learn the skills needed to design and refine everyday necessities, most of which are mass-produced, such as telephones, cars and furniture The main courses include engineering graphics, industrial design engineering foundation, design sketch, product effect drawing, plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional composition, ergonomics, design psychology, model making, computer-aided industrial design, product form design, industrial design methodology, product design, visual communication design, environmental design, etc

Employment: Art Director, graphic designer, automobile designer, daily product designer, VIS, product packaging designer

Interior design

Learn how to create a practical and beautiful indoor environment, so as to improve people’s living and working environment, and protect their health and safety. The main courses of

are construction documents and procedures, design audio and video room, graphic communication, design history, interior design completion materials, interior design theory, professional practice

Employment: Architect, graphic designer and technician, industrial designer, interior designer, etc

Art history, criticism and conservation

This major studies the history of art, the interpretation and protection of works of art.

main courses include early modern architecture, Asian art history, photography history, Islamic art, methodology, Picasso, postmodernism, Renaissance art, and Western art investigation

Employment: archives management, cultural relics protection experts, exhibition planners, primary and secondary school teachers, graphic designers and technicians, historians, post-secondary education


students in this major learn to make ceramics by hand; practice mold making, glaze and trimming techniques; master kiln operation; and develop their own artistic style. The main courses of

include ceramic mold and casting, ceramic chemistry, ceramic throwing, handicraft, raw materials, ceramic tiles, relief and mosaic

Employment: craft artist, exhibition planner, primary and secondary school teachers, artist, recreation therapist


Major overview: sculpture majors learn how to create three-dimensional artworks.

they carve, forge, weld and glue from a variety of materials, including clay, stone and wood The main courses are anatomy, art history, hand-made ceramics, computer-made objects, metal design and construction, drawing, human body mold, molding and casting, public art installation, 3D design, welding, carpenter and metalworker

Employment: sculptor, exhibition planner, primary and secondary school teachers, artist, landscape architect


Learn music history, music theory and composition, and play one or more instruments.

covers music style, listening training and performance.

Employment: composer, historian, musician and singer.

Musical theater

To prepare for professional stage career through intensive performance, singing and dancing training. The main courses of

include performance, ballet, musical history, modern dance, music theory, scene research and stage art

Employment: actor, choreographer, dancer, director, musician and singer, stage designer

Theatre Arts

Study drama and other related works.

drama course covers drama history, screenwriting, acting and directing, as well as lighting, setting and costume design.

Employment: fashion designer, actor, art executive, director, stage designer, theatre, film and television technician, writer

Art Management

Learn how to use business skills to manage art groups and facilities such as art galleries, museums, and audio-visual rooms.

covers art history, financial management of art, business law, economics, financial accounting, marketing, music appreciation, and art policy

Employment: Art Director, art administrator, pavilion manager, etc


Learn how to express ideas and emotions through dance, such as ballet, modern dance, jazz, national and folk dance.

the course covers topics such as dance skills, choreography, and dance history.

The main courses are ballet, modern dance and jazz skills, body conditioning, choreography, dance education, dance history, dance symbols, dance theory, philosophy and criticism, music and dance, technical products for dance, world dance

Employment: adult educators, art administrators, choreographers, dancers, etc

Film production

students will also study films and learn how other artists make choices in production. The main courses of

include painting, photography / photography, digital editing, directing, script writing, sound design / production, and television audio and video production

Employment: Radio and sound engineering technician, cameraman and editor, director, multimedia artist and animator, photographer, stage designer, theatre, film and television technician


Learn how to use photography to express ideas, trigger emotions, and convey information.

main courses include black and white photography, color photography, digital photography, photography history, lighting technology, materials and crafts, news photography, two-dimensional design

Employment: Art Director, cameraman and editor, primary and secondary school teachers, photographer, etc

Finally, let’s take a look at the introduction of American art study fees

Introduction 1: capital guarantee is very important. It is necessary to clarify the source

When applying for a visa, students generally need to provide the fund guarantee certificate of the total expenses of studying in the United States during their study in the United States, and can clearly state the source of funds.

but for different applicants, the amount of funds is different, which is generally divided into full Award / half Award / self expense

In principle, the U.S. visa requires funds to be deposited for more than half a year, and time deposit is the best personal deposit.

is the best choice for banks to deposit.

is a large state-owned bank or a joint-stock bank In the case of insufficient time for fixed deposit, supplementary explanation can be made according to different professional background of parents; real estate, car, stock and fund can be submitted as auxiliary materials, which must be original, so as to be authentic and credible.

should pay attention to do not cheat, once the fraud is found, the consequences are very serious, and may even permanently refuse to sign

Introduction 2: do credit card to advance tuition, it is best to use money order

American schools generally require students to register at school and choose their courses before paying tuition fees.

American schools accept money orders and credit card payments at the same time Students can draw up two bills of exchange at the bank in front of the bank. One bill is used to pay the tuition fees, and the other one is for the students themselves. After arriving in the United States, they can open an account in the local bank and collect the draft

In this way, parents can get the detailed information of students’ consumption through bank statements and bank consumption messages.

should be noted that students can not carry a large amount of cash with them.

if you want to bring cash, the entry requirement of the United States is less than $10000

Introduction 3: detailed preparation of living expenses

Generally speaking, American cities can be divided into four levels according to their living standards. The living expenses of

first class cities, such as San Francisco and New York, are 1000-2000 dollars / month. The living expenses of

secondary cities, such as Pittsburgh and Seattle, are 800-1000 dollars / month. The living expenses of

third tier cities, such as Texas and Wisconsin, are 600-800 dollars / month The cost of living in the fourth tier cities, such as Oklahoma and Missouri, is 450-600 US dollars / month.

generally costs about 30000 to 75000 dollars per year

However, the medical expenses in the United States are extremely expensive. For international students who are not covered by the health insurance of the United States, the school has arranged an enhanced medical insurance strategy, and the insurance costs should also be taken into account

Introduction 4: don’t forget to pay tax late. You should also be fined

2. The tax rates of a 603, a 603, and a part-time tax are quite different in each state. 2

By the end of January each year, scholarship recipients will receive a withholding voucher, which should be photocopied and filed for future use.

federal income tax forms can be obtained from banks and post offices, and sometimes some will be displayed in schools or community libraries or foreign student counselors’ offices. It is better to obtain the forms early to avoid delaying the tax declaration period due to the shortage of forms
students should pay attention to the time of declaration, and will be fined if they pay late

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