Analysis of employment trend and prediction of potential hot majors in 2008

Some experts predict that the upsurge of studying abroad in 2007 will last until 2008. According to the analysis of the situation in 2007, choosing the major to study abroad is the key to start the study abroad career, which can improve the gold content of studying abroad. When making an inventory of the annual majors, the author interviewed the overseas study experts to check the potential hot majors of the countries studying abroad in 2008 Experts say that it is necessary to have a sense of foresight in monitoring…

Some experts predict that the upsurge of studying abroad in 2007 will last until 2008. According to the analysis of the situation in 2007, choosing the major to study abroad is the key to start the study abroad career, which can improve the gold content of studying abroad. When making an inventory of the annual majors, the author interviewed the overseas study experts to check the potential hot majors of the countries studying abroad in 2008

Experts say that it is necessary to have a sense of foresight in monitoring popular majors. Whether the major is hot or not depends on whether the gap in the job market is big enough

In view of the current situation, it, electronics, finance, leisure tourism, creativity and other industries at home and abroad will continue to maintain a good momentum of development in the next few years.

and its related majors, such as software engineering, electronic engineering, finance, accounting, hotel management, art design, planning and other majors, will certainly be “hot”

According to experts’ analysis, choosing a suitable major for studying abroad should consider not only the ranking of popular majors in the country of study, but also the trend of domestic employment.

even needs to pay attention to the saturation of similar majors in domestic first-class universities, because domestic talents are likely to be your strong competitors in three or four years


Leisure sports and horticulture are in great demand

From September 2006 to September 2007, nearly 60% of Chinese students chose business related majors, 15% of them chose information technology, and 10% of Chinese students chose economics and management However, at the same time, a large number of business and economic talents have returned to China in the past two years, showing a trend of talent saturation

According to the analysis, in 2008, Australia’s leisure sports, horticulture, it and other majors will be hot.

Australia’s leisure sports development is leading in the world. For example, boating, skateboarding, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, horse riding and other fashion and leisure projects are loved by people. The operation market of these projects has more demand for professionals Therefore, sports major is listed as a major in short supply for Australian immigrants.

Chinese students who like fashion sports can be employed in various sports clubs after graduation if they choose to study in Australia

As one of the traditional industries in Australia, horticulture is still a popular major for overseas students.

Australia pays attention to environmental protection and makes full use of green plants in public facilities. The demand for horticultural talents in Australian talent market is still on the rise. Therefore, horticulture is a skill major for Australian government’s key education and training


There is a big talent gap in pharmacy before 2020

From the employment situation and salary of the United States in the past two years, we can see that actuarial, urban planning and pharmacy have development potential in the next two years

In the United States, actuary is a popular major. After graduation, you can become an actuary by passing the actuarial professional examination.

actuaries work in government, banks, insurance companies and other institutions. The average annual salary can reach 75062 US dollars Applying for actuarial science requires a good mathematical foundation. Most Chinese science and engineering students have excellent mathematical background, so they can consider applying for this major

The major of urban planning is a branch of architecture.

domestic students majoring in urban planning, civil engineering, landscape planning and architecture can apply for this major.

in the United States, urban planning has been attached great importance because it involves the public interest Most of the students can work in the government or enter professional planning offices after graduation. Although the salary is not the highest, the work is stable, and there is a lot of room to improve personal reputation

Pharmaceutics is not popular in China, but it is very popular in the United States.

after graduation, he can become a pharmacist and work in hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. According to the data of the American Federation of pharmaceutical colleges, the country will face a shortage of nearly 160000 pharmacists by 2020
students with clinical medicine, biology, chemistry, environment, engineering, pharmacy background can apply for this major. It is suggested that Chinese students should not pay close attention to the top universities


Financial, creative and sports majors are more competitive when they return home for employment

It is predicted that after 2008, students studying in the UK to study creative industries, financial analysis and sports majors will be more competitive in employment after returning home

Compared with the major of management and economics, the creative major represented by art and design has always been a cold door in the overseas study market The frequent holding of large-scale international events such as “International Creative Industry Week” and “World Symposium on creative industries” in China shows that the demand for creative talents in the domestic market is rising, especially in economically developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

the UK has strong professional education strength in creativity There are more than 37000 creative professional degree courses offered by all British institutions, which are divided into vocational courses, undergraduate courses and postgraduate (Qbar) courses

Sports major will become a new hot spot to study in the UK With the 2008 Olympic Games and the popularity of sports marketing, sports major is becoming a new hot industry? By 2012, the United Kingdom will hold various international sports events, such as periodic comprehensive sports events, individual sports events, league matches, temporary sports events, etc., as rehearsals and rehearsals for the organization of the 2012 Olympic Games Therefore, talents with knowledge and skills in sports promotion and management will be popular both in China and in the UK, and students studying this major will also get more exercise opportunities


Financial majors continue to be hot, and resource majors are on the rise

In the 2007 annual immigration report released by the Canadian immigration minister, it is proposed that the number of Canadian immigrants in 2008 will be reduced by “skilled immigrants” and “Canadian experience category” will be increased Therefore, hotel and hotel management, cooking, tourism development, early childhood education, natural landscaping, wine and grape cultivation, beauty and Spa Management and other practical majors will be the popular majors in Canada in 2008

In 2008, the financial majors in Canada will continue to be hot. The financial services industry of

is one of the important pillars of the Canadian economy.

directly employs 550000 employees and pays a weekly salary of up to $420 million (according to the statistics of the Ministry of finance of Canada)

However, some of Canada’s advantageous majors are not well received in China. For example, oil and gas, mining safety and other majors are strong majors in Canada, which is a resource economy country Experts suggest that Chinese students and parents should choose some unique majors of Canadian universities from the perspective of development in 2008, such as mining, forestry, oil and gas, hydropower and nuclear power industry

France, Netherlands, Sweden

Studying the management of tourism and leisure industry can be useful in China

From the perspective of specialty setting in European universities, biological nutrition engineering, tourism and leisure industry management, accounting, asset management and evaluation, and finance are all characteristic and advantageous majors

At the same time, the aging of the population and the growing affluence of people make health care one of the most profitable professions in the early 21st century Some experts pointed out that not only doctors and nurses, but also nutritionists, family nurses, vitamin manufacturers, masseurs and acupuncturists will become popular occupations

As a famous tourist attraction in Europe, tourism industry has always been a major income earner in European countries.

studying tourism management major in Europe and mastering a variety of foreign languages can help students to return home without worrying about being useless Of course, if you have the conditions, you can work in the major tourism and leisure industry companies in Europe for about three years, and set up tourism companies in Europe to cooperate with domestic tourism companies, which is a better choice

Accounting, asset management and evaluation, and finance are special branches of business. The teaching contents are more and more boring, but the salary is higher. No matter at home or abroad, they will have a stable job prospect.

this kind of occupation can work in Europe for 2-3 years, but the general company will not promote Asian students as the middle and senior managers of the company Therefore, it is a good choice to accumulate several years of overseas work experience and then return to China to start a business


Hotel management, finance and game design are potential stocks

In recent years, Singapore has made great efforts to develop its tourism and financial industry, so the major in tourism and hotel management and finance has become the mainstream.

Singapore will build two largest leisure resorts in Asia in 2009. Therefore, for students studying tourism and hotel management, employment in Singapore is a very good prospect

Malaysia is the economic and software center of Asia. Since the establishment of Asia Pacific Silicon Valley in Kuala Lumpur in 1996, a large number of multinational companies have sought talents from Malaysia.

multimedia system, software engineering, finance and accounting have become popular majors

Automobile design and game design will be popular majors studying in Japan in 2008.

according to the employment survey of Japan’s national specialized colleges in 2007, the above two majors are the model of high employment rate and high income industry

Recently, some liberal arts majors in Japanese universities are becoming more and more popular with Chinese students.

students studying business translation in Japanese specialized colleges are increasing day by day. Simultaneous interpreters are favored by Japanese companies and government agencies before graduation, and their income is extraordinary

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